National Bank of Ethiopia mandates allocation of agricultural loans

ETHIOPIA – National Bank of Ethiopia has issued a directive to banks to allocate five percent of their annual loans to cooperatives, unions and small and micro enterprises in the agricultural sector beginning July 1, […]

The Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority sets minimum coffee export price

ETHIOPIA – The Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority has issued a new directive that sets the daily minimum price of coffee for international trade with the main goal of fighting under-invoicing. The directive, which has […]

Ethiopia to introduce contract farming to meet commodity demand

ETHIOPIA – The Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia has drafted a proclamation to introduce contract farming. For the first time, farmers will be able to arrange contracts with buyers, determining prices and what they will […]

Ethiopian water bottling company ventures into the UK market

ETHIOPIA – Garanba Bottling, a subsidiary of B&C Aluminum Plc that bottles South Spring Water in Ethiopia, has closed a deal with a UK-based company to export US$1m worth of bottled water to England. Garanba […]

Ethiopian Cold Stone Creamery franchisee Belayab Foods opens new Pizza Hut outlet

ETHIOPIA – Belayab Foods Production PLC, franchise owner of Pizza Hut and Cold Stone Creamery brands in Ethiopia has opened outlets in Sar Bet, South West of Addis, foreseeing future expansion in neighbouring Djibouti. This […]

FAO receives US$10m towards fight against the East Africa desert locust infestation

EAST AFRICA – FAO has received a US$10 million donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support the fight against the Desert Locust upsurge in East Africa as the UN agency expanded its […]

New water bottling company in Ethiopia joins the burgeoning Industry

ETHIOPIA – Kefeta Spring Water, a new water bottling company in Ethiopia has joined the competitive industry with an investment of 62 million Br (US$1.9m) and partial financing from The Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE). […]

Nestlé divests its water business in Ethiopia under global water business restructuring

ETHIOPIA – Nestlé Water Ethiopia, a wing of the Swiss multinational company, has sold back all its 51% share in Great Abyssinia Spring Waters after three years of partnership, exiting the water business in Ethiopia. […]

Ethiopian Risiq Group ventures into water bottling, juice processing business

ETHIOPIA – Risiq Group, with investments primarily in the Food and Beverage Sector, automotive dealership, import-export and construction sectors in Ethiopia has set up a mango juice processing and water bottling business with an investment […]