Selina Wamucii opens up platform for farmers to access the global food market

KENYA – Selina Wamucii, a Kenyan agricultural company and social enterprise that markets produce from Africa’s smallholder farmers, pastoralists and fishing communities, has announced that it is opening up its platform to organized farmers groups […]

Ethiopian water bottling company ventures into the UK market

ETHIOPIA – Garanba Bottling, a subsidiary of B&C Aluminum Plc that bottles South Spring Water in Ethiopia, has closed a deal with a UK-based company to export US$1m worth of bottled water to England. Garanba […]

Egypt’s first commodity exchange platform to kick start operations in January 2021

EGYPT – Egypt plans to start operating its first commodities exchange by January 2021 which will provide commodity markets with greater price stability by reducing risk and increasing the number of traders as well as […]

Morocco agri-food export volumes reach 3.1m tonnes for the first time in history

MOROCCO – Exports of agri-food products reached around 3.1 million tons during the 2018-2019 campaign in terms of volume, the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture has revealed. The ministry revealed this in a press statement adding […]

Agricultural agency efforts bear fruits as Nigeria records decline in rejection of agro exports

NIGERIA – The number of queries and rejection cases of exported agricultural produce from Nigeria has been witnessing a steady decline, the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Agency and farmers have said. It was gathered that improvement […]

EU lowers the maximum residue level for several pesticides allowable on horticultural imports from Kenya

KENYA – The European Union (EU) has reviewed its policy on the maximum residue levels (MRLs) for several pesticides allowed on horticulture imports from Kenya by lowering the permissible limits. According to an update by […]

Ethiopia Trade Ministry to fashion the National Laboratory with equipment worth US$5m

ETHIOPIA – Ethiopia’s Trade Ministry will be equipping the National Laboratory with Laboratory equipment worth US$5m to be procured with financial support from the World Bank. The equipment will be used for standardisation, accreditation and […]