Tanzania to construct international shipping port to promote fishing

TANZANIA – Tanzania is set to construct an international shipping port to promote Sustainable Blue Economy and improve the fishing sector as well, reports the Guardian. Speaking during the sustainable blue economy conference in Nairobi, […]

European Union pledges support for Ghana’s fisheries sector

GHANA – The Fisheries sector in Ghana is set to receive support from the European union with a motif of contributing to food security, improving nutrition and livelihoods of the fishing communities in the country. […]

Oceana fishing revenue grows 14% to US$549m as Daybrook operations pay

SOUTH AFRICA – Fishing group Oceana has more than tripled after-tax profits in the year to End-September, with revenues jumping 14% to US$549.11 million during the period. Total income for the year grew to US$78.41 […]

RLJ Group to invest US$100m in revamping fishing industry

LIBERIA – The government of Liberia is set to receive US$100 million investment into the fishing industry from RLG Group, an innovative business network that provides strategic investments in a diverse portfolio of companies. The […]

Fishing group Sea Harvest to acquire Ladismith Cheese Company for US$36m

SOUTH AFRICA – Fishing Group Sea Harvest plans to diversify its food products portfolio by acquiring a value-adding dairy processing company, Ladismith Cheese for US$36.81 million. With the acquisition, Sea Harvest seeks to boost its […]