Gluten free diets associated with higher risks of nutritional deficiencies

USA – A new study conducted by the Harvard Medical School has revealed that dropping gluten from diets can easily result into nutritional deficiencies, particularly for those consumers without celiac disease. Gluten is a protein […]

Demand for pulse flour to gather pace with increasing penetration of flour variants

WORLD – Heightened demand for plant-based and gluten-free foods from the food industry across the world is projected to give traction to the pulse flour market, making it a hub of profitable growth during the […]

Fazer Group acquires Finish gluten-free bakery and milling businesses

FINLAND – Finland-based food processor, Fazer Group has acquired Vuohelan Herkku’s bakery and milling businesses as the company continues executing its growth strategy and investing in growing product categories. Vuohelan is one of the forerunners […]