New Israeli consortium to invest US$100m in foodtech startups

ISRAEL – Finistere Ventures, a global agri-food investment leader in collaboration with three Israeli companies have created one of the largest consortia looking to invest US$100 million in the country’s foodtech start-ups. The venture capital […]

Mars partners with Israeli venture fund to foster food innovation

ISRAEL – Mars Incorporated has partnered with Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), an Israel based venture capital fund to enhance innovation focused on food, wellness, agriculture and nutrition. The collaboration will see the partners work with […]

Cargill invests in Israeli startup Aleph Farms to underpin protein focus

ASIA – Cargill is investing in Israeli cultured meat company, Aleph Farms which has raised US$11.65 million in a series A round of funding. According to Cargill, the investment diversifies its protein interests to meet […]

Givaudan partners Israeli incubator The Kitchen to drive food innovation

ISRAEL – World’s leading flavor and fragrances company, Givaudan has partnered with the Israeli-based technology incubator owned by the Strauss Group, to accelerate innovation in the food sector. According to Givaudan, the partnership will enable […]

Israeli’s Tipa company partners with Bio4Pack and Servo Artpack to create compostable packaging

ISRAEL – Tipa, a bio-based packaging company, has partnered with Bio4Pack and Servo Artpack to create compostable packaging for Dutch coffee brand Peeze. According to the company, the making of Peeze’s packaging is designed to […]

Aleph Farms calls on USDA to promote clean meat to improve food safety

ISRAEL – Aleph Farms, Israeli food technology start-up company, has called on the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to promote clean meat for its compelling safety advantages, such as being antibiotic free and pathogen free. […]