Britain’s Sainsbury’s signs private label deal with Australian retailer Coles

UK – British supermarket group, Sainsbury’s has signed a major deal to supply private label products to Australia’s second largest retail chain Coles. The arrangement, which Sainsbury’s says is its biggest wholesale deal yet, will […]

Sainsbury’s to launch UK’s first no and low alcohol pub

UK – UK’s leading supermarket, Sainsbury’s is set to launch industry’s first pub that will only serve non-alcoholic and low alcohol drinks for consumers who want to enjoy these categories. Taking a model similar to […]

Sainsbury’s opens meat-free butchers to meet plant-based demand

UK – UK’s leading supermarket, Sainsbury’s has unveiled UK’s first meat-free butchers to expand its plant-based product offerings in a market where consumers are demanding healthier foods. Launched during World Meat Free Week, the butcher […]

Sainsbury’s launches reverse-vending trial to boost plastic recycling

UK – UK leading supermarket chain, Sainsbury has launched reverse vending machine trial at its Lincoln store in commitment to boost plastic recycling. The Reverse Vending Recycling will allow customers to return plastic bottles of […]

UK competition body stops Sainsbury’s-Asda proposed merger deal

UK – The UK competition watchdog, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has blocked the proposed merger between retail chains Sainsbury’s and Asda amid extensive competition concerns. The competition authority cited concerns around possible price monopolies, […]

Sainsbury’s first UK supermarket to sell edible insects in stores

UK – Sainsbury’s, the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom has agreed to stock edible insect products at its stores, becoming Britain’s first to stock edible bugs. Sainsbury’s will be launching Smoky […]

UK watchdog probes on the allegations of meat traces in vegetarian foods

LONDON – Britain’s food watchdog said it was investigating allegations that traces of meat had been found in “meat-free” and vegan meals sold at the country’s two largest supermarket chains, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. According to […]