Seychelles and the European Union to sign new fisheries agreement

SEYCHELLES – A new sustainable fisheries partnership agreement and protocol between Seychelles and the European Union (EU) is expected to be signed during the second half of February. The sustainable fisheries partnership agreement is a […]

Seychelles in talks with EU on US$33.29m sustainable fisheries deal

SEYCHELLES – Seychelles and the European Union (EU) have initiated the first round of negotiations for a new Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement and Protocol worth US$33.29 million. The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement is a longstanding […]

Levasseur Rum introduces new premium spirit in Seychelles

SEYCHELLES – Levasseur Rum Ltd, a spirit distillery in Seychelles, has unveiled a new spirit ‘Levasseur Rum’ into the local market. Developed by a Marco Francis, Levasseur Rum is dark rum with a ‘roasted Walnut, […]