Tanzania’s Bakhresa partners UK’s Nichlos Plc for local production of Vimto drinks

TANZANIA – The Bakhresa Food Products Limited, a Tanzania based food and beverage manufacturer, has partnered with Nichols Plc, United Kingdom based producer of Vimto drinks, in the production of the international brands locally.

Mr Salim Aziz, chief executive at Bakhresa Food Products, said the partnership will see Vimto being produced and distributed in the country by Bakhresa and exported to other African countries.

“We are very happy to bring Vimto to Tanzania and announce our new partnership with Nichols. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Vimto and Nichols,” Mr Aziz said.

Among the major export countries the East African juice producer will be eying include Zambia, DRC, Zimbabwe and Mozambique with exemption of Uganda, Kenya and Sudan since Nichols already engages in local production in the three countries.

Robert Hammersley, Nichols Africa Regional Director, said Bakhresa as a major manufacturing company in East Africa will open more doors into other strategic markets.

“We are thrilled to be launching Vimto in Tanzania and are looking forward to working with Bakhresa to bring Vimto to Tanzanian consumers and local businesses.

We hope that Vimto will bring many moments of joy to Tanzanians for years to come,” Mr Hammersley said.

The brand is a unique mixed fruit drink and will be available in 300ml plastic bottles and later in 250ml cans in the Tanzanian and export markets.

Mr Hammersley said the country is a key strategic market for Nichols and one where Vimto has a history but through importation.

Andrew Milne, Group Commercial Director at Vimto International, added: “Our brand is performing well globally, and we plan to push the same here in Kenya. We are already in Uganda and South Sudan, and Kevian Kenya will be very central to our expansion in Kenya.”

In Kenya, Vimto has also entered into a strategic franchise deal with Kevian Kenya that will produce the drink from its Thika plant and distribute the “Vimto Sparkling” brand.

According to Kevian Kenya managing director Kimani Rugendo, the product will be available in 500ml retailing at Sh60 (US$.6) and a 300 ml selling at Sh45 (US$0.45).

Since 1908, Vimto was originally produced in Manchester and has grown into an international brand popular in the UK and around the world with presence in 85 countries particularly in the Middle East and Africa.

The Groups has a turnover exceeding US$800 million with employee base of more than 8,000 people.

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