TANZANIA – Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) has renewed its commitment in collaborating with farmers to improve barley productivity in the country, reported IPP media.

During the Barley Growers day in the country’s capital, the company introduced new varieties of seed to help farmers grow commercial barley that is suitable to the soil and climatic conditions of Tanzania.

The highlight of the event was the display of high yielding varieties of Barley and training of farmers by agricultural experts.

The initiative also extended to introduce AB InBev’s global programme ‘Smart Barley’ to the farmers, which is aimed at transforming agriculture by leveraging data, technology and insights to help growers solve challenges and improve their productivity, livelihoods and environmental performance.

The event was inaugurated by Plant Manager at TBL Arusha, Joseph Mwaikusa who encouraged farmers to adopt the latest farming technology and practices for better productivity and promised that the company will continue to empower farmers in the country.

“With an aim to empower farmers, offer them with enough input and information to increase productivity while actively reducing environmental impact We are strongly committed to productivity while actively reducing environmental impact.

We are strongly committed to Tanzania and through Barley Growers Day we plan to continue our outreach towards sustainable farm practices, and we will continue to reach out to the farmers through this initiative to ensure more barley is procured in Tanzania in the next few years,” he said.

Commenting on the event, Head of Barley Farmers Association in Monduli, Arusha, Leiyan Sokoine said, “We are attending this programme since it provides us with the right information on increasing barley productivity.

The programme educates us about new farming techniques in a way that we understand, and we look forward to be a part of this programme in the coming years.”