TANZANIA – Private sector has a key role in ensuring that it utilises and manages water efficiently to ensure that the resource is available to all, the AB-INBEV President for East Africa Roberto Jarrin has said.

Jarrin who is also the Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) Group Managing Director was speaking at the 10th Economic Update Meeting organised by the World Bank in Dar es Salaam which sought to address the urgent need of improving water resource management in the country.

Mr Jarrin said water is a major ingredient of the company’s products and that it had a water footprint strategy, which provided clear global guidelines and bench marks on the effective use and management of water at all its sites.

The meeting highlighted the strong link between economic growth and water given that agriculture is the mainstay of industrial growth in the country. Agriculture currently accounts for approximately 89 per cent of water used in the country.

“We have over the years maintained a clear focus on improving the quality of water as well as reducing the amount of water used to produce our products,” he said.

“We are committed to working with farmers to consider ways in which we can manage this finite resource,” Jarrin noted further that water and agricultural produce mainly barley, sorghum and maize are the most important ingredients in all the products produced by TBL group.

“We will therefore, continue to work with stakeholders to support sustainable business practices in the water and agriculture sector,” he said.

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