Tanzania Distilleries debuts new flavors of flagship brand Konyagi

TANZANIA – Keeping up with the growing trend of using different flavors in strong alcohols, Tanzania Distilleries Ltd (TDL) has launched two new types of drinks under its flagship brand Konyagi with ginger, lemon, and coconut flavors.

TDL is a subsidiary of Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), a member of the Anheuser-Busch InBev group of companies.

Speaking during the launch in Dar es Salaam, the brand manager of konyagi fusion, Pamela Kikuli said: “We are happy to announce that today we are launching a new konyagi drink. As you know, konyagi has a long history since it was established in 1968. Now we have brought konyagi with two different flavors for the modern youth.”

According to Kikuli, the launch is a continuation of the aim and purpose of TBL of ensuring their customers get a taste different from what they are used to. Konyagi fusion has 20 percent alcohol and is available in 250 milliliters, pioneering the new packaging.

Commenting on the launch, Executive Director of TDL, Timea Chogo noted that the company decided to use its national drink to make a new drink that follows international trends.

He added that Konyagi fusion uses exciting and refreshing flavors and strongly believes their customers will love these new flavors.

The company also boasts a diverse portfolio of other brands, including Valuer Superior Brandy, Vladimir Vodka, Zanzi Cream Liqueur, Imagi Wine, and Dodoma Wine, to cater to consumer needs.

According to the official Konyagi website, this spirit has been distilled for over fifty years. When it was first distilled in 1970, it was called Kinywaji safi, the Swahili word for “drink clean or fine drink.”

Timea Chogo, Commercial Director, Tanzania Distilleries Limited, stated last year that the company also exports Konyagi drinks to Zambia, Rwanda, and Kenya and is looking to expand to more countries within and outside the African continent.

In addition, the company intends to expand other brands in the TDL portfolio, namely Zanzi Cream Liquor and Valuer Brandy, into these export markets.

Chogo said TDL has been a part of an industry that is currently experiencing positive and steady growth, one that comes down to the diversification of consumers buying across the various business segments of high-end, mainstream, and mass products.

Answering the market demand and the subsequent rise in consumption has led to an increase in locally produced spirits in Tanzania and analysts project an annual market rise of 7.2 percent (CAGR 2012-2025).

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