TANZANIA – Tanzanian government through the Ministry of Trade has said that Sugar, sunflower and soya exports from Uganda had been cleared and will now freely access Tanzanian market reports, Daily Monitor.

This comes after Tanzania had over the past few persistently prevented the entry of a number of Uganda’s commodities into the country prompting traders to protest.

The restrictions had been informed by allegation that Uganda imports sugar and repackages it before re-exporting it to regional markets thus denying the commodity preferential treatment.

However, following the bi-lateral meeting, the Tanzanian government agreed to grant import permits to Ugandan traders dealing in such goods.

A recent joint verification was carried to ascertain the origin of sunflower and soya, which cleared the products as meeting EAC Rules of Origin.

The verification revealed that sunflower and soya meet required standards and would thus be accorded preferential market access while palm edible oils did ot meet the East African Community (EAC) rules of origin.

The EAC rules of origin were formulated as a measure of contributing to reduction in the time and cost required to move cargo across borders by minimizing origin-related noncompliance in customs declarations and reducing Rules of Origin-related Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs).

The rules address among other issues; the origin criteria, gods wholly (or not wholly) produced in a partner state, cumulation of origin and the process of conferring origin and the products to which they apply.

The high-level meeting involving the countrys’ Ministers of Trade held at Mutukula One Stop Border Post, also discussed the elimination of existing non-tariff barriers and enhancement of cross border trade between the two countries.

The meeting also deliberated among other issues a preferential market access for Ugandan sugar, road user fees charges on Ugandan trucks entering Tanzania and business pass to promote trade between the two countries. Tanzania and Uganda have had numerous bilateral engagements which seek to bolster trade, industry, finance and investment sectors between the two countries