TANZANIA – Meat imports into the country exceeded exports during the period under review, despite the Government’s efforts to support exportation and reduce imports, the Controller and Auditor General has noted in his audit report.

However, Tanzania Meat Board (TMB), which is tasked with meat development activities, that includes extension services, research, training, information, development and promotion of meat and meat products, consumption and export blames the closure of two abattoirs and a fall in production quality.

However CAG has advised the board to examine the country’s meat export capacity and opportunity and formulate policies that will lead to sustained export levels of meat.

“The board should strive to work on reducing importation to enhance domestic meat production for the country’s economic development,” the CAG Prof Mussa Juma Assad said in his 2014/15 report tabled in parliament earlier this week.

Amid this report, the CAG also revealed a shocking breach of lease agreement between National Ranching Corporation (Narco) and M/s. Agri Vision Global Limited for development of three national ranches, namely Mabale, Kagoma and Kikulula.

It has revealed that the investor was required to build a processing facility at Mabale Ranch. Despite the agreement, the abattoir was not built at all, making the corporation to earn a handful $72,881 per years.

According to the two parties’ agreement, as indicated in the first year business plan, if the facility was built, Narco would have been earning a total amount of $996,000, which means the state-run corporation was losing a staggering amount of $923,119 ii was suppose to earn.

This has prompted the CAG to advise Narco to ensure that as to ensure that all the provisions of the agreement with respect to construction of the processing facility are complied with in line with the agreement to enable the company generate the planned income as well as boost availability of quality meat in the country.

The CAG has deliberately asked Narco to revoke the contract should the company fail to agree with the terms of the contract as it has adverse financial effects.

April 29, 2016; http://www.ippmedia.com/business/tanzania’s-meat-imports-overrun-exports