Tanzania’s Kilombore Sugar Company unveils plans to increase production

TANZANIA – Kilombore sugar company (KSC), a sugar manufacturing company in Tanzania, has unveiled plans to expand its production capacity as in a bid to address the national sugar gap, reports Daily News.

According to a feasibility study conducted on the company’s expansion plan, the ambitious sugar factory could scale up its annual production from the current 13,000 tonnes to 265, 00 tonnes.

KSC General Manager for Corporate Affairs, Joseph Rugainukamu expressed the company’s commitment towards working closely with stakeholders to ensure cane supply increases for its sustainable operations.

“We cannot underestimate the contribution of Kilombore cane growers in this endeavour and KSC is committed to work closely with other stakeholders especially the government to support the growers to ensure that they have the means necessary to increase cane production and benefit from the project,”

He said that cane growers from Kilombero valley will play a big role in this project as they would be expected to supply 60% of the cane needed by the factory should the expansion project come into light.

Currently, Kilombore cane growers supply 40% of the cane crushed by the factory.

Mr Rugainukamu said KSC was committed to support and engage farmers at various stages as the company strives to realise its expansion plan.

“To begin with KSC has financed the aerial and topographical mapping of the area, infrastructure requirements survey, soil survey and will provide land for the initial clean nursery establishment,” he added.

In tandem with its growth plan, KSC has also procured a Hot Water Treatment Plant.

KSC Managing Director, Guy Williams, however, highlighted that the company is still in the process of conducting a detailed feasibility study around an expansion project to determine the whether there is a possibility of requiring more cane from the farmers.

Williams therefore urged farmers to be patient as the study concludes before planting time.

Morogoro Regional Commissioner Dr, Kebwe commended KSC , saying their intent to expand shows that they are supporting the government efforts to expand local sugar production in order curb  illegal importation of sugar.

“Since the government owns 25%share of the sugar company, it will thus be part of the expansion initiative work with responsible institutions throughout the process,” he said.

Meanwhile the government has called upon local and foreign investors to invest in sugar production as an initiative to ensure that Tanzania meets its domestic and industrial sugar demands.

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