TANZANIA – The Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited (MeTL) Group, a Tanzania based diversified investment company, has inaugurated new wheat and maize processing facility after investing US$89.17million (TShs 205bn).

The latest 21st Century Food and Packaging Limited has the capacity to process 300 tonnes of local maize and 500 tonnes of imported wheat per day.

Speaking during the inauguration of the facility, the chief executive officer of MeTL Group, Mohammed Dewji hinted that the company is also planning to spread its investment wings in sugar production.

He said that the METL Group will be investing about US$147 million (Tsh340bn) in establishing a sugar factory and sugar cane plantations.

He hailed the government’s efforts towards regulating the sugar sector saying that “we have been convinced to invest in the sector. We want to shift from importing sugar to producing the product.

To be able to implement this project, we will also set up a sugar factory and plantations.”

This forms part of the company’s US$374 million (Tshs860bn) planned investment in the country’s agriculture sector in establishing additional processing plants over the next five years.

Dewji said that the group is also planning to invest US$226.18 million (Tshs520bn) in establishing factories for the production of wheat and maize products such as biscuits and pasta, adding that the focus is on adding value to crops produced in the country.

Dweji added that MeTL Group that has been in business for 50 years will in future invest in communications, infrastructures and dry docks.

Other than investments in the milling and nut industries, MeTL also runs businesses in the beverage, sugar and edible oil sectors whose brands include Maisha, Safi, Mo and Poa.

The beverage division of the group, A-One Products and Bottlers, produces drinking water and flavoured drinks. The factory also produces a wide range of plastic containers and packing materials PET preforms, PET bottles and filling beverages.

The company has also invested US$48 million in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with three world-class beverage production lines.

A-One is establishing a second manufacturing division on the shores of Lake Victoria, in Mwanza for the production of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks.

Alongside with its recently introduced a natural cereal-based energy drink, Mo Sheeba Shake, as a carbohydrate and protein-rich product, the company’s various vrieties under umbrella brand “Mo” include Mo Cola, Mo Orange Mo Bomba, Mo Lemon, Mo Lemon-mint and Mo Malt.