GHANA – Tasty Tom Tomato Mix, a product used in many homes across Ghana for making traditional recipes such as Jollof rice, light soup and gravy, has been redeveloped following an extensive market research.

The Mix, developed by Nutrifoods Ghana Limited; a joint venture between Olam and Sanyo Foods, is now fortified with extra fibre to improve digestion and Vitamin A, D, E and K, which are essential for ensuring good eyesight, immunity, muscular growth and building strong bones in children and families all over Ghana.

Mr Amitav Basak, the Head of Business at Nutrifoods Ghana Ltd, producers of the product expressed joy for introducing the new product.

“We are delighted to introduce to our loyal customers an enriched product, complete with vitamins A, D, E, and K andby adding the updated Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix to your meals, you are helping to improve nutrition for your whole family, and all at no extra cost,” he said.

He said the company has been careful to maintain the natural redness, thickness and taste of the brand to ensure it remains delicious for cooking.

Professor Matilda Steiner-Asiedu, President of the Ghana Nutrition Association noted that malnutrition continues to be a challenge in Ghana as around 11 per cent of all children under five-years are underweight, which is associated with widespread micronutrient deficiencies.

“Statistics also show that the prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency ranges between 35-75 per cent among children and about 65 per cent of pregnant women in Ghana,” she said.

Prof Asiedu therefore commended Nutrifoods Ghana Ltd, producers of Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix for the initiative to contribute to the daily vitamin needs of their consumers.

The new product is available in both 70g cans and sachets, 210g, 400g and 2.2kg cans are also obtainable and it is currently on sale in markets and shops nationwide.

December 20, 15; GNA