Tata Global bets on health to drive food and beverages segment growth

INDIA – The Indian coffee and tea major Tata Global Beverages has said that health and wellness will drive its growth in the food and beverage segment, reports ET Retail.

This is in line with changing tastes and preferences among consumers, even as they turn to food items that not only offer the desired taste but also meet the health and wellness requirements.

“My belief is, as far as the food and beverages segment in the country is concerned, one of the key drivers for the future will be the consumers’ need for health, wellness and fitness,” said Tata Sons brand custodian Harish Bhat.

This complements the company’s presence in green tea with its Tetley brand, and unpolished pulses and low sodium salt offered by its other firm Tata Chemicals.

The company is counting on trust it has built through quality products and services as well as reasonable price offerings.

“I believe that the Tata brand has earned trust over a long period of time through the behaviours that it has exhibited, through the products and services it has provided to our customers.

All our companies believe in providing our customers with products and services of impeccable quality at very good value and it is that combination of quality and value which has made 650 million Indian customers trust the Tata brand,” he said.

He added that trust also comes because the Tata Group has been functioning in harmony with the community and that those are the factors which has made the Tata Group brand synonymous with trust in the country.

In an excerpt titled ‘The global market is vital to our health’, the company says it plans to strengthen brands, innovate and build scale to drive its global business.

According to the company, there here is strong potential for further growth and expansion in natural beverages, that is tea, coffee and water.

To benefit from the strong growth potential presented by these segments, Tata Beverages made an entry into the pods (single serve) segment in markets such as the United States, Canada and Australia, functional water in India, green tea and specialty teas across geographies, and premium teas like Tetley Tea Masters in Australia.

TGB is present in the coffee business in the United States through Eight O’Clock Coffee, through Grand Coffee in Russia and acquired Map Coffee in Australia, and through Tata Starbucks in India.

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