SLOVAKIA – Tate & Lyle Plc has expanded its food range products to double the capacity of the company’s non-GMO maltodextrin product line at its facility in Slovakia, over the next two years.

The non-GMO Maltosweet infant food grade facility will be expected to be complete in 2019, according to the company spokesperson.

Maltosweet Maltodextrin is a nutritive corn-based specialty sweetener made from locally sourced non-GMO dent and waxy corn-starch, available in powder and granular formats.

Maltodextrin acts as a binder, viscosity provider, fat replacer and bulking agent and the ingredient is used in a wide range of food and beverages such as infant formula, sports drinks, dairy desserts and sauces.

“Demand for high-quality non-GMO maltodextrins has particularly increased over recent years, driven in part by high usage by European manufacturers in the baby food sector.

“Tate & Lyle’s quality management systems ensure our non-GMO Maltosweet maltodextrin achieves the high-quality standards our customers look for, particularly manufacturers of infant and growing-up formula,” Joan Braca, President, Speciality Food Ingredients, Tate & Lyle explains.

“This expansion will enable us to meet growing customer demand for non-GMO maltodextrins and particularly in the infant food sector for regions such as Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.

It will also further strengthen our specialty food ingredients solutions offering worldwide.”