USA – Tate & Lyle PLC, a leading global provider of food ingredients and solutions, introduces TASTEVA M Stevia Sweetener, a Reb M stevia sweetener that starts from the stevia leaf and tastes remarkably like sugar.

According to Tate & Lyle, this new label-friendly, premium stevia sweetener is the first Reb M offering from Tate & Lyle, opening additional possibilities for great-tasting, reduced-sugar products for food and beverage customers and their consumers.

The new Tate & Lyle TASTEVA M starts with the stevia leaf extract and then uses a bio-conversion process and aqueous-only finishing step to produce its Reb M.

“Our bio-conversion process increases Reb M yields, allowing us to produce more volume not limited by plant yields and deliver more from the leaf at an acceptable cost in use,” said Abigail Storms, Global Vice President, Sweeteners Platform Leader at Tate & Lyle.

It also has a cleaner, more sugar-like taste than relatively abundant compounds, such as Reb A, at high sugar-replacement levels.

By using Reb M, TASTEVA M Stevia Sweetener yields a clean sweetness and sweet onset like sucrose without the bitter linger of conventional stevia.

The company added that as a result of the bio-conversion process, Tate & Lyle is able to provide an acceptable cost in use while still delivering a clean, sugar-like taste.

“As a global leader for sweeteners, we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable formulators to create higher-quality, better-tasting products at an acceptable cost in use,” said Andrew Taylor, President, Innovation and Commercial Development at Tate & Lyle.

“This allows manufacturers to create products to address the needs of consumers who want to make healthier choices by reducing sugar and calorie intake without compromising taste.”

“Creating healthier products is no longer optional,” Storms said.

“TASTEVA M Stevia Sweetener will help food and beverage companies reach their consumers in ways never imagined possible.

It’s another tool in their toolbox to create better foods and beverages with less sugar and fewer calories, ultimately helping consumers achieve their health and wellness goals.”