USA – Tate & Lyle has named the North American distributor of specialty chemical and ingredients HORN, as its distributor for its specialty ingredients in the nutrition category in the US.

The distribution agreement stated to be effective from March 1, 2018, will involve HORN as Tate & Lyle’s national distributor for its specialty ingredients used in beverage, dairy, bakery, confectionery, soups, sauces, dressings and animal nutrition.

According to Tate & Lyle, the partnership supports its strategy to grow the specialty Food Ingredients business in the US.

HORN’s strong team of experts and an established customer base will provide a suitable market for sweeteners, fibre, texturants, stabilizers, industrial starches and other bulk ingredients.

A cooperation between the two companies aims to provide mutual growth opportunities and enhance access to innovative products in the current markets they operate.

“Bringing this organization into the mix of our world-class suppliers upholds HORN’s commitment to support marketplace innovation.

Our technical sales team is naturally thrilled to add Tate & Lyle ingredients to our product line, which dovetails nicely with HORN’s other specialty ingredients.

As the preferred national distributor for Tate & Lyle’s ingredients for the nutrition industry in the U.S., HORN continues its industry commitment to provide market-leading ingredients that promote nutrition and wellness with innovation as a primary objective.”

HORN combines a team of experts and a wide portfolio from its three divisions that is, specialty, human nutrition and industrial categories through a distribution network rooted in partnerships.

Tate & Lyle strives to meet the changing consumer demand for healthier diets by enhancing innovation through modern trends including sugar and calorie reduction, digestive health and enrichment, clean label and non-GMO alternatives.

The company, whose passion is to develop novel ingredients, will be able to reach customers through HORN’s distribution business units: Nutraceuticals, FoodTech, Care Elements, Animal Nutrition, Advanced Materials, Coatings and Building Materials.