TANZANIA – Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) Group has embarked on using solar power for industrial production that assures reliable and cost efficient energy.

The initiative started with installation of solar panels and other accessories at Mbeya beer production plant which paved the way for the industry using solar power at the tune of 138 kilowatts.

“Going solar is a huge step for us,” said TBL Group Company’s Technical Director Gavin Van Wijk.

“It is something we have been working toward for a number of years and has become the first beer production facility in East Africa Region to go solar.

We are proud to be able to say our facility is making a contribution to easing the country’s energy problems,” he said the technology was advanced in Germany, with the capacity to suffice 30 per cent of the required energy at the plant.

“At the moment, some 420 solar panels have already been installed to mark end of phase one of the project.

This was initial production level which before end of next year, more solar panels will be added to bring to 700 kilowatts the total energy required for a full-swing production level away from the current supply solely from the national power grid “ he said.

He said Mbeya was an ideal location for solar energy production due to long hours of sunshine and dry spells. He said the application of solar energy would be extended to other production units located in different parts of the country.

November 1, 2016; http://dailynews.co.tz/index.php/business/46120-tbl-embarks-on-solar-power-to-brew-beer