Terra Ingredients and Stone Mill partner in expanding roasting capabilities

USA – Terra Ingredients, a leading supplier of ingredients to the consumer packaged goods and animal feed markets and Stone Mill have expanded their roasting services with the addition of a new roasting solution.

Stone Mill is a pioneer in organic food processing and offering roasting, packing and microbial reduction capabilities to the food industry.

The addition enables the companies to offer new products and customer-specific product solutions at a lower cost and with improved traceability.

The companies said they now can deliver a specific roast or moisture level for the product and can create highly customized and specific formulation solutions to a customer’s exact taste or organoleptic property requirements.

Stone Mill’s fully-automated roasting process is designed to provide continuous flow and efficiency, delivering a level of control and heat consistency.

Previously, Terra had to send beans to a third-party roaster, which added a step to the supply chain and increased the cost of the process.

Terra and Stone Mill now specialize in maintaining a specific roast or moisture level for the product, creating specific formulation solutions to their customer’s exact taste or organoleptic property requirements, reports Food Ingredients First.

“We saw the need for this value-added step near the growing region,” said Peter Carlson, director at Terra.

“We can provide a product that’s grown in the Dakotas or Montana and add value to the ingredient right at the source to increase cost efficiencies.”

Daneen Dressler, vice-president of Stone Mill, added that the controlled roasting process also offers benefits for the growing market in vegetable proteins, nut-free and gluten-free products.

“We work directly with customers’ R.&D. teams to achieve their desired taste profile,” she said. “We can neutralize flavor so your product can take on a nuttier flavor where it almost tastes like peanut butter. You can get a nutty flavor without having nuts.”

The development is the latest example of how the affiliation between Terra Ingredients and Stone Mill is innovating the industry, creating new opportunities for food producers and increasing food safety for consumers, the companies said.

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