SWEDEN – Tetra Pak, a multinational food processing and packaging company, has developed a unique processing method for soya drinks, which utilises the entire soya bean in production.

Co-created with customers at Tetra Pak’s product development centre in Shanghai, the whole soya line produced a product composed of 1.2% fibre, compared to 0.26%, for traditional, extracted soybean drinks.

The company described the product coming from the new processing line as “a high-fibre product with no added sugar, creamy taste and texture, and a desirable smooth mouthfeel.”

It further noted that the new technology will help the company meet increased consumer demand for healthy, immunity-boosting products.

According to Tetra Pak, 41 billion litres of plant-based beverages are being consumed worldwide with production expected to rise even further as plant-based foods become popular with consumers outside the vegan movement.

In one of its recent reports, the company noted that plant-based beverage consumption is on the rise with its compound annual growth rate between 2021 and 2024 estimated to be at 1.9%.

This growth is attributed to its expanding consumer base as more people opt for healthier drinks as part of protecting the environment, the company said.

Tetra Pak’s new technology aligns well with all these trends as it reportedly reduces waste and increases the fibre and protein content of the beverage by incorporating the fibre component of the soybean, okara, into the final beverage.

“This innovation paves the way for a multitude of new products using the same method, presenting a commercial opportunity for yoghurt, spreads, ice cream and meal replacements,” Tetra Pak said.

“The launch forms part of the company’s drive to build an innovation ecosystem that helps open new opportunities in the areas of food safety and availability intending to develop more sustainable and resilient food systems.”

Tetra Pak has also offered to provide support, not only on quality raw materials but also through production, plant-based packaging and pallet delivery, to food and beverage producers who want to try out this new and fast-paced market.

Edison Kubo Director of processing food category services at Tetra Pak says “The plant-based sector is fast-paced, and we help our customers keep up with what is moving and what is booming.

We combine our expertise in plant-based ingredients with our end-to-end industry expertise to offer what we call the integrated edge.”

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