SWEDEN – Tetra Pak has launched ice cream extrusion line that the company promises improved product quality and volume flexibility for medium-capacity producers.

The packaging and processing equipment major says that the new line uses an independently controlled horizontal cutter to slice the ice cream as it emerges from the extruder.

“This patented technology means the cutting speed stays consistently fast, irrespective of the line speed, ensuring a precise, clean cut even at low rates of production,” the company says, while offering better flexibility to ice cream makers.

“By programming the cutter to operate at different speeds and movements, ice cream producers can also switch between multiple products on the same line, be they sticks, sandwiches, cones, wafer cups, candy bars or cakes, while maintaining the highest possible quality.”

The new extrusion line has a capacity range of 5,000 to 18,000 products per hour, offering volume flexibility to medium-sized producers, allowing them to increase or decrease output without compromising efficiency.

“A surge in competition in the global ice cream market has increased pressure on medium-sized producers, says Elsebeth Baungaard, Product Manager.

“They must be more agile in responding to consumer needs, producing greater varieties of products at smaller volumes, while maintaining a high-quality standard and low production costs. This line has been designed to meet exactly these requirements.

According to the company, customers of the new medium capacity extrusion line will have access to its Product Development Centre in Denmark.

At the Centre, the customers can experiment with recipes, seek advice from food technician experts and access training, while receiving 24/7 technical support.

The company’s recent innovation adds to a new high capacity ice cream extrusion line the company launched in 2015, which it says can deliver 43,200 units per hour, the highest capacity in the World.