SWITZERLAND – Tetra Pak has joined forces with FOSS A/S, a global provider of high-tech analytical solutions to launch an advanced version of the Tetra Pak® Standardization unit.

The new unit ensures consistent product quality, thus enhancing profitability by removing the uncertainty of sampling techniques.

The solution is said to be effective in enhancing continuous accurate measurement and control of protein and fat in dairy products, for example in cheese and milk powder production.

Tetra Pak and FOSS, which offers expertise in milk analysis have developed a fully integrated standardization process, utilizing automation hardware and software algorithms that react and adjust in real time.

It delivers key data accurately every seven seconds, enabling quicker reaction times to ensure product quality.

The solution offers a range of benefits including advanced performance for fat to protein ratios significantly increasing profit, uniform and on-specification product quality 24/7, and elimination of uncertainty associated with manual sampling.

“Integrating our propriety software algorithm and the FOSS analyser in the new Tetra Pak® Standardization units with continuous protein control results in the industry’s most advanced and optimal solution for in-line measurement and control,” said Tetra Pak Product Manager, Helen Sellar.

“With process variation minimised and profitability boosted, the solution is expected to pay for itself in 2 to 4 years.”

The new Tetra Pak® Standardization units, which are being tested with Finnish dairy company, Valio offers continuous protein control.

They are hailed for providing more accurate fat to protein ratio, giving better use of raw materials and constant product quality as well as reducing maintenance costs.

“A key benefit of the integration of FOSS analytic software within the new Tetra Pak Standardization units with continuous protein control is the ability to test a number of components directly, eliminating the need for manual testing and enabling producers to run at very narrow margins between specified points,” said Ib Haunstrup, Product Manager, FOSS.

“This unique technology supports producers to respond to changing market trends, such as increased demand for protein-enriched products, while also securing efficiency and product quality.”

The new unit is available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, France, UK, Denmark, Sweden and Poland and will roll out to more markets in the next year.