SWITZERLAND – Tetra Pak, a multinational food packaging and processing company has unveiled a collaboration with AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health to introduce cutting-edge postbiotic food solutions.

This partnership aims to explore the seamless integration of postbiotic powders into the food production process, specifically in ultra-high-temperature products like beverages, dairy items, ice cream, and cheese.

The key highlight is the ease of incorporating postbiotics at the mixing stage without requiring specialized machinery, making it convenient for producers to meet consumer demands effortlessly.

Tetra Pak is also actively engaged in the development of various postbiotic food concepts, including high-protein ambient yoghurt and high-protein tea.

Meanwhile, the company has already introduced a postbiotic-enriched cheese product in collaboration with Italian dairy company Inalpi. Postbiotics are typically found in fermented foods such as kefir and kimchi.

Gerald Dard, Managing Director of AB Biotek, expressed excitement about the possibilities this collaboration offers to food producers, enabling them to create fortified products in categories like tea, plant-based beverages, and sports drinks.

In addition, Alberto Kullovitz, Processing Director for Tetra Pak, South Europe, emphasized their commitment to staying ahead of market trends.

He highlighted the launch of their first postbiotic product in Italy, the Inalpi cheese protein slices enriched with postbiotics.

“This innovation is a testament to Tetra Pak’s ambition to provide innovative solutions that keep their customers at the forefront of the market,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tetra Pak’s exploration of various postbiotic food concepts includes high-protein ambient yoghurt, high-protein tea, and reduced-sugar juice.

They work closely with food producers throughout the product development journey, from ideation and concept testing to industrial validation at their state-of-the-art Product Development Centers.

An essential aspect of the innovation is that the inclusion of postbiotic powder in recipes requires minimal investment and does not necessitate additional specialized machinery, enabling manufacturers to promptly meet consumer demands with ease.

According to Global Research and Markets 2023, the health and wellness market is currently experiencing rapid growth and is estimated to reach $232.46 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate of 9.33%.

Tetra Pak emphasized the need for responsible food production and consumption to address the challenges that lie ahead. They underscore the importance of innovation ecosystems that foster collaboration across all sectors.

“At Tetra Pak, we have long embraced the possibilities that come from strong partnerships with academia, tech companies, start-ups, and more. Together, we are working to uncover the solutions that will lay the path for a sustainable future for the food and beverage industries.”