USA – The EVERY Company, an American biotechnology company that develops proteins, is gearing up for a significant market launch this year as it plans to partner with multinational food companies to introduce its innovative animal-free egg proteins.

The startup, founded by Arturo Elizondo and David Anchel in 2014, has secured US$233 million in funding to date.

The company has pioneered the use of precision fermentation to produce egg proteins, leveraging yeast strains to express proteins found in eggs during a fermentation process.

Additionally, The EVERY Company has developed a range of ingredients, including EVERY Protein, EVERY EggWhite, EVERY Egg, and EVERY Pepsin.

These ingredients offer functional alternatives to traditional egg components, opening up new possibilities for various applications such as beverages, food products, and baked goods.

The upcoming market launch in 2024 will initially focus on establishing partnerships with multinational food companies.

The company’s approach emphasized business-to-business (B2B) collaborations, enabling it to integrate its innovative ingredients into a diverse array of food products.

The EVERY Company’s proteins offer unique advantages, with EVERY Protein providing a highly soluble and near-invisible protein bio-identical to ovomucoid, a glycoprotein found in egg white.

The EVERY EggWhite serves as a 1-to-1 egg white replacer, delivering functional properties crucial for various applications, including aeration, whipping, gelling, binding, and foam stability.

Meanwhile, EVERY Egg, a liquid whole egg replacement, combines EVERY EggWhite with plant-based oils, natural colors, flavors, fiber, and water to match the functionality and sensory experience of traditional eggs.

The company’s strategic focus on B2B partnerships with multinational food companies aims to create widespread impact and accessibility to its innovative products.

By onboarding additional manufacturing capacity, The EVERY Company intends to meet growing demand and expand its product offerings.

The venture has opted for a lean approach, avoiding large-scale in-house production facilities and refraining from entering the business-to-consumer (B2C) market by launching consumer brands.

The EVERY Company’s commitment to precision fermentation technology and its emphasis on functionality rather than just the vegan angle positions it as a key player in the evolving landscape of alternative protein sources.

 As the company forges partnerships with major players in the food industry, consumers can anticipate encountering these animal-free egg proteins in a variety of food products as the startup works towards transforming the future of protein consumption.

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