UK – London-based plant-based meat company, ‘This,’ has marked a significant milestone by expanding into its first overseas market, the Netherlands.

With the company recent secured listings with Albert Heijn, the country’s largest supermarket group, ‘This’ has marked a pivotal moment in its journey to conquer the global plant-based market.

‘This’ has solidified its presence in the Netherlands, where it aims to cater to the rising demand for plant-based alternatives with its products already making waves in leading UK supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s,

The four best-selling products from This, ‘This Isn’t Beef Burgers’, ‘This Isn’t Chicken Pieces’, ‘This Isn’t Pork Sausages’, and ‘This Isn’t Streaky Bacon’ will soon grace the shelves of Dutch supermarkets, offering consumers a delicious and sustainable alternative to traditional meat products.

This’ entry into the Dutch market is buoyed by a recent report from the Good Food Institute (GFI), which revealed that the Netherlands had the highest per capita consumption of plant-based foods.

The promising trend indicated a fertile ground for plant-based companies like ‘This’ to flourish.

Albert Heijn, in its commitment to support the plant-based movement, has also set ambitious goals for the future of the industry.

Last year, the supermarket group pledged to ensure that 60% of proteins consumed in the Netherlands would be plant-based by 2030, aligning perfectly with ‘This’ mission to provide delectable and sustainable alternatives to meat.

“This has been a huge undertaking for the business as we’ve worked to secure a really strong partnership with Albert Heijn with a four-strong range to launch into one of the hottest markets for plant-based globally” Andy Shovel, co-founder and co-CEO of ‘This,’ said.

Recently, ‘This’ growth trajectory has shown no signs of slowing down, with the company projecting revenue of US$25.1 million this year, representing a remarkable increase of over 50% from the previous year.

Additionally, the company has successfully utilized crowdfunding to fuel its development, raising £15 million at the beginning of the year.

These funds are earmarked for enhancing research and development capabilities, streamlining supply chains, and facilitating further overseas expansion.

As ‘This’ ventures into the Netherlands, it aims to continue revolutionizing the plant-based meat industry, providing consumers with a diverse range of mouthwatering options while contributing to the global shift towards more sustainable and ethical food choices.

With Albert Heijn as a partner in this endeavor, ‘This’ is poised for a promising future in the Dutch market and beyond.

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