JAPAN – Pur Natur-Kaneka Corporation, Tokyo based food company is considering entrance into the Japan dairy products business after its affiliate food sales company, Kaneka Shokuhin Co., Ltd began to sell its product ‘Milk for Bread’ in the country.

FoodIngredientsFirst reported the company will start to sell butter mainly for commercial use such as bakeries and confectionery customers from next month.

Through its affiliate, Kaneka Shokuhin Co., the company plans to gradually introduce dairy products like yogurt and functional foods to the market, with a long-term goal to go enter the market beyond Tokyo.

Construction of a dairy products manufacturing factory is also underway in Hokkaido, coming after the partnership between Kaneka with Pur Natur Invest BVBA with an aim to develop and manufacture high-quality dairy products.

The new dairy plant is targeted to achieve net sales of US$186.6 million in the dairy sector for the next five years.

A technical partnership between Kaneka and Belgium’s Pur Natur BVBA was formed in January 2018.

Pur Natur is a UK producer or distributor of premium organic dairy brand Pur Natur with a portfolio that includes flavorful milk, butter, yogurt, fresh cheese.

During the announcement, Kaneka highlighted that the domestic dairy farming industry in Japan was enduring a difficult time due to a lack of successors over farms and labour shortage and the company was setting in to boost this sector.

“By considering attractive dairy-farming together with dairy farmers and promoting sustainable dairy-farming as our philosophy of business development, we deal with increasing dairy-farming productivity, improving the dairy-farming working environment, and supporting environmentally-friendly dairy-farming management,” said Kaneka Corporation.

“We will work on expanding the domestic organic dairy products market in cooperation with the Belgian dairy farmer group contracted by Pur Natur, as well as domestic-related research institutes etc.”