NIGERIA – Tolaram Group, a diversified consumer goods company in West Africa and producer of Indomie Noodles in Nigeria, has entered the Nigerian fruit juice market with the launch of Goodlife Majik fruit drink.

The conglomerate said that the new product, touted as a healthy fruit drink that rides on three unique selling propositions of “Healthy, Nutritious and Great Taste”, is targeted at children.

The brand comes in three variants: Orange, Watermelon & Mango and is fortified with key nutrients such as Vitamin-C and Glucose that improve immunity and provide energy suited for the nutrient requirements of the target group.

Speaking on the launch Harkishin Aswani, Managing Director, Tolaram Group, said that the new product offers a great natural taste and comes in unique and attractive packaging.

“Tolaram Group is one of the largest manufacturers in Nigeria and the group has consistently produced strong household brands keeping in mind the consumers’

“We hope to create another success stories, the fruit drink is targeted at children with key nutrients such as Vitamin-C and Glucose that improves immunity and offers a great natural taste and comes in unique and attractive packaging,” he said.

Aswani, however, appealed to Nigerians to continue to support the group as it grows, while assuring them of its commitment towards creating another Nigerian success story with the GoodLife Magik fruit drink brand.

“There is hardly anyone in this hall who has never consumed the Indomie brand,” she said, describing it as an evidence of a brand’s success.

“It must also be mentioned that the Tolaram Group’s marketing doggedness and product innovation culture is quite admirable and strong, hence, I am confident that this latest addition,” Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun of Ogun State.

Also speaking at the launch, President, Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Dr. Bartholomew Brai, said: “We are excited to be a part of the launch of the GoodLife Magik, which has come with the proposition of healthy nutrition for Nigerians.

“Nutrition Society of Nigeria has always been in support of the Tolaram group brands not because of their market dominance, but because they have consistently demonstrated interest towards the promotion of health.

“We are always happy and open to support any brand that promises to promote healthy nutrition which is what the society largely stands for.”

GoodLife Magik is being manufactured by Tolaram Nutri Beverages Ltd under the Tolaram Group.