ZAMBIA – Trade Kings Group, a leading manufacturer of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods in Zambia, through its foundation has launched “Trade Kings Foundation Campaign against the spread of Coronavirus.”

It is a joint initiave with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Information and Trade Kings Foundation has pledged K28 million (US$1.51m) towards this endeavour.

“As part of the national efforts to jointly protect the nation, we have made this pledge as a demonstration of our commitment to improving and maintaining the health of the Zambian people. We are aware of the efforts that the government is making in preventing the spread of the COVID 19,” said Trade Kings General Manager, Mr Lux Subramanium.

Mr Lux elaborated the donation and pledge will cover 3 important aspects: prevention, medical supplies and spread of awareness through media.

Prevention will be made by identifying the hotspot areas, susceptible for spreading the virus like work places, bus terminals, markets, prisons, shopping malls, COVID-19 Quarantine Centres, frontline medical personnel, hospitals and pharmacies.

In a bid to support the relevant local health authorities the foundation provide a wide array of medical products and medical equipment.

They will include 20 ventilators and advanced respiratory machines, 25,000 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment such as KN 95 masks, medical goggles, Face shields and sterile medical gowns, 25 000 Nasopharyngeal swabs for specimen collection that would enable efficient testing.

The medical supplies also include, large quantities of infusion pumps, syringe pumps, high pressure type medical oxygen regulators, medical oxygen flow meters, oxygen probes Non – rebreathing masks, Nasal cannulas, water chamber exchange connectors, R filters, Oropharyngeal airways, video laryngoscopes, supply 100-500 oxygen cylinders on a daily basis to earmarked Covid 19 centers, among other medical accessories that are very vital in operation respiratory machines and to conduct other medical procedures.

In terms of medication, supply of assorted and prescribed medicines will be availed to 10, 000 Covid-19 patients.

To raise awareness, multi-lingual programs and advertisements educating the masses and creating awareness on Covid 19 will be propagated through various forms of media.

“As Trade Kings Group, our passion is beyond merely providing innovative products to our customers; instead we envision, through The Trade Kings Foundation, to be an ardent loyal partner, in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) frontier, with the Government. This would imply, playing an active role of ploughing back into the communities and uplifting the lives of people,” Mr. Lux concluded.