ZAMBIA – As part of the K28 million (US$1.53m) pledge by Trade Kings Foundation towards a joint initiative with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Information of Zambia, to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country, the Foundation has launched a Hygiene Drive.

The drive is characterized by donation of handwashing stands and hygiene products that will be placed at 50 locations across Lusaka including bus stations and markets.

The tripartite approach to the campaign which includes prevention is focusing on enhancing both environmental and personal hygiene for the masses in the identified hot spots which include markets and bus stops.

The donation was presented to the Mayor of Lusaka, his Worship Miles Sampa.

Group General Manager, Mr Lux Subramanium said, “As part of Trade Kings Foundation’s CSR Campaign against COVID-19, we have launched the Hygiene Drive to contribute to enhancing personal hygiene practices particularly handwashing and sanitizing.  Public hygiene and personal hygiene is our first defense against COVID-19 today as the disease is increasingly spreading.”

Giving more detail to the Hygiene Drive donation Mr. Lux said, “We have launched the HygieniX Hygiene Drive for densely populated spaces in our communities which include the markets, bus stops, prisons and the five isolation centres.

“Through the Lusaka City Council in Lusaka and the Councils for the Ndola and Livingstone, the Foundation through this project will provide handwashing stands, hand washing soap and disinfectants for purposes of clean environments.”

The identified locations where handwashing stands will be placed, identified as “hot spots” are inclusive of 5 Bus Terminals bus stations and 10 markets in Lusaka City. 

In addition, 3 of the largest prisons in the country accommodating over 7,000 inmates in total would also come under the radar and similar arrangements are being facilitated.

All COVID-19 Quarantine Centres will also be provided with adequate supplies of disinfection and hygiene products and as well as hand sanitizing units countrywide.

Various hospitals and pharmacies will also be geared with the HygieniX hygiene product range and various cleaning materials to make these environments more sanitary.

Up to 1,000 frontline medical personnel will be provided on a monthly basis with hygiene medical pack containing the HygieniX hygiene product range.

As part of the Hygiene Drive, the Foundation has also partnered with the Lusaka City Council targeting main markets and bus stops and are confident that this integrated approach to the campaign will ensure that the spread especially outside Lusaka is prevented, contained and managed.

Other activities to be undertaken by Trade King Foundation in fighting against corona virus spread include donation of medical supplies and spread of awareness through media.

In a bid to support the relevant local health authorities the Foundation will provide a wide array of medical products and medical equipment as well as supply assorted and prescribed medicines to 10, 000 Covid-19 patients.

To raise awareness, the Foundation is launching multi-lingual programs and advertisements educating the masses and creating awareness on Covid-19 will be propagated through various forms of media.