Tradin Organic opens avocado processing facility in Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA – Tradin Organic, a global front runner in organic ingredients has opened a new Sunvado factory a processing facility for premium organic avocado oil in Ethiopia.

The Sunvado factory has completed its first test-runs and is now ramping up its organic avocado oil production.

The first products should be ready for export in the coming weeks and with this new project, the company will be able to bring organic virgin avocado oil and organic refined avocado oil to the market by the end of the year.

Sunvado was founded in 2018, with the vision of offering local avocado farmers access to the export market. The farmers used the avocado trees to provide shade for their coffee and for their own consumption or sold on the local market at meagre prices. However, most of the avocados were not harvested at all and were simply left to rot.

The Sunvado organic avocado oil processing facility is able to offer the avocado farmers a better price for their produce, while offering Premium organic avocado oil to customers around the world.

‘’Globally, there is a strong demand for organic avocado oil which is driven by the desire of consumers to make their diets healthier and more sustainable,” said Mark Bolier, Business Unit Manager Global Oil Desk at Tradin Organic.

“We expect that the mix of perceived health and sustainability benefits, combined with the flavor profile and versatility will continue to drive the demand for organic avocado oil in the coming years,” he added.

Considering the strong demand for organic avocado oil, Tradin Organic is already strengthening its sourcing network in Southern Ethiopia.

“Our team of extension workers and harvest specialists is currently working with over 30,000 organic farmers and, depending on the success of our project, we expect this number to grow in the future,” Karst Kooistra, Sourcing Development Director Tradin Organic stated.

Now that the Sunvado facility is up-and-running, farmers will obtain better price for their avocados. In addition, Tradin Organic set up an organic monitoring system and organic certification for their farmers, which gives them access to a premium organic price. 

Besides providing opportunities for farmers, Sunvado will help create jobs in a region that offers limited employment opportunities.

During the avocado season, the company’s processing facility employs around 60 workers, half of which are women. Also, the avocado sourcing operation employs nearly 200 extension workers, field staff, harvesters and collectors.

Tradin Organic sources premium, certified organic food ingredients for the international food industry, carrying more than 150 products from over 60 origins. As an international player with local presence, they have been working with coffee farmers and with sesame farmers in Ethiopia.

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