FRANCE – Triballat Noyal, a leading family-owned agro-business company in France,  is launching a new brand of drinks that combines cow milk with plant-based ingredients. 

The new drinks are made from 50% cow’s milk, collected from Brittany- France’s northwesternmost region, and 50% plant-based ingredients: oat, almond and hazelnut. 

“Being experts in both dairy and plant-based products, this new 50/50 mix offers our consumers a great tasting yet healthy drink,” said Noëmie Buffet, product and category manager at Triballat Noyal. 

The new blended milk drinks will be packaged in the convenient, flexible, and sustainable combiblocMidi 750 ml carton pack from SIG. 

“Working in close partnership, we are able to help the passionate family business Triballat to rapidly adapt to changing demands for innovative products from its consumers,” said François Dieulouard, Key Account Manager at SIG. 

“Our flexible filling technology enables new product categories like Pâquerette to successfully launch to market quickly and in the right packaging.” 

Although the new product may be among the first to hit stores in French, it’s certainly not novel in other regions of the world. 

In the United States, dairy milk blends have been existing since 2019 when Live Real Farms, a brand of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), launched its line of blended beverage options that combine lactose-free dairy with almonds or oats.   

While introducing the product, Live Real Farms noted that there was consumers’ demand for more variety in their milk choices with 42% of consumers already purchasing both dairy milk and plant-based alternatives. 

Providing a perfectly balanced blend of both cow milk and plant-based alternatives, therefore, seemed like a natural step to meet the demand for more variety in the dairy aisle. 

CP Kelco’s pectin solution for salted buttermilk 

Meanwhile, ingredient company CP Kelco has launched GENU Pectin YM-SAL 200, a stabilizing solution for long shelf-life buttermilk with a saltier taste.  

Salted buttermilk is a popular drink in India made from yogurt, spices, and herbs. Its known to cool the body and aid in digestion, especially after heavy meals.  

CP Kelco however notes that formulating the product has a number of challenges. For instance, the heat treatment and high salt content preferred by consumers can cause protein aggregation, gritty mouthfeel, and sediment, the ingredient provider said.  

The ingredient provider notes that its newly launched GENU Pectin YM-SAL 200 protects and stabilizes protein over shelf life and tolerates up to 0.8% salt content.  

“We focused on creating value for our Indian customers through ingredient innovation,” said Richard Yin, head of commercial, Asia Pacific region.  

“Our technical experts developed a unique, nature-based solution that protects protein yet is compatible with current production processes and consumers’ taste preference.”  

GENU Pectin is also sustainably sourced and produced from citrus peels, a byproduct of the juice industry. 

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