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ISRAEL – Gat Foods, a global supplier of integrated, technology-based fruit solutions, has partnered with Resorcix to launch a botanical ingredient that prevents Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacteria (TAB) spoilage in fruit-based beverages, called Flavorwatch.

TAB is a bacteria strain that negatively impacts the quality and organoleptic properties of most still and non-alcoholic beverages.

The existence of TAB was first documented in 1982 in Germany after a spoilage outbreak in a commercial pasteurized apple juice brand prompted a major recall.

The companies highlighted that Pasteurization, one of the common methods used for microbial treatment, does not eliminate heat-resistant TAB spores.


In fact, since pasteurization kills most vegetative bacteria and fungi, it actually eliminates microbial competition and stimulates the outgrowth of TAB.

Flavorwatch is said to maintain the beverages’ organoleptic characteristics, fully retaining original flavor throughout the shelf life, and delivering a durable sensory experience in clear, high-acid still beverages.

Resorcix, a life sciences company that specializes in providing solutions and product development for the growing challenge of bacteria in the food industry, explained that the new ingredient contains natural compounds with a proven bacteriolytic effect.

The company added that the ingredient can disintegrate TAB cells in the germination phase, which helps prevent the bacteria from producing off-flavored and unpleasant-smelling metabolites.


Yehoshua Maor, founder, and CSO of Resorcix said: “The precious rainforest is known to reveal surprising botanical treasures. Our Flavorwatch solution is based on a botanical oleoresin that naturally possesses anti-TAB spoilage properties.”

The partners noted that Flavorwatch is suitable for still, clear, and ready-to-drink beverages, such as fruit beverages, fruity water, and iced tea.

Hila Bentman, international marketing manager at Gat Foods detailed that Flavorwatch is an innovative clean label, natural flavoring that protects the beverage’s distinct flavor qualities providing a full guarantee and peace of mind for manufacturers.


According to Bentman, the ingredient allows beverage companies to ensure consumers have a distinctive and continuous sensory experience during the entire shelf life of their soft drinks.

He emphasized that the new botanical ingredient provides consumers consistent quality, with no compromise on flavor.

The companies hinted that in both pilot and industrial-scale tests, a Flavorwatch-treated pineapple-based RTD beverage showed zero colonies of Alicyclobacillus over six months.

The tests were supervised by microbiologist Dr. Roni Shapira, of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The partners also reported that the same beverage continued to maintain its TAB-free status for a further eight months in an independent analysis.

As per the label on the ingredient, the ingredient is classified as a natural flavoring by the Food and Drug Administration (US), European Food Safety Authority (EU), JETRO (Japan), and Israeli Ministry of Health regulations.

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