US – Trust Garden Leader International Business (TGL), a Taiwanese professional beverage processing management company, has received FDA’s approval giving the company’s aseptic PET neutral and alkaline beverages the green light for import into the US.

With the approval, TGL said it is going a step beyond by also applying for the FDA SID product number that would allow its customers’ products to be distributed within the US.

According to TGL, this service is also available to customers who desire to work with TGL in an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) capacity.

ODM is also referred to as private labeling or white label products. In this case, the manufacturer has an existing product design and the customer may make slight changes to sell it under their brand name.

The latest batch of FDA SID beverages (bubble tea drinks) arrived in the US and enter the market in April 2022.

TGL was established in 2008 in Chiayi City, Taiwan, and has since developed into a highly proficient beverage manufacturer in Asia.

TGL said it mainly handles the processing, quality assurance, shipping, and other details of raw materials so that its customers can focus on marketing and sales.

The company’s highlight products include PET 500mL, PET 1L, PET 2L, and Can 350mL of green tea, oolong tea, lemon black tea, and tomato juice, vegetable & fruit juice, carbonates, and cocktail carbonates.

The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) drinks, according to the company, are produced using aseptic PET technology.

The process involves filling the beverage into PET bottles at 25 degrees Celsius shortly after exposure to high sterilizing temperatures.

 As the exposure is done briefly, this method preserves the raw nutrients more efficiently while ensuring the fresh taste of the drink.

The products are currently exported to Japan and found in the TRIAL supermarket chain, with an annual transaction volume of over 400 40-foot containers.

Apart from its brand of drinks, the company manufactures other highly differentiated beverages for its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers.

An OEM is a company that manufactures and sells products or parts of a product that its buyer, another company, sells to its customers while putting the products under its branding.

The company noted that customers only need to provide their drink formulations, which TGL follows accordingly to meet their unique needs.

ODM customers also need to provide their target drink samples, and TGL will develop one exclusive formula for ODM customers in the US market.

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