Turkish energy drink brand Power Black makes entry into Nigerian market

NIGERIA – Ares Gida, Turkish energy drink manufacturer, has entered into a sole distribution agreement with Frisson Nigeria Limited to introduce one of its famous brands Power Black, in Nigeria.

The maker of the premium energy drink is targeting a significant share of the Nigerian drink market, as it steps up efforts to replicate success attained in over 35 countries where the product is currently sold.


According report by The Punch, Power Black is currently a leading brand in the energy drink market in Spain, Germany, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Chad, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Mali.

The Marketing Manager, Frisson Nigeria, Ojotobor Samuel, believes the energy drink will offer consumers the power to achieve their goals with class and finesse.

The brand seeks to encourage healthy consumption of energy drinks as its package has a resealable top, thus enabling consumers to not to forcefully finish the drink all at once.

Mr Ojotobor added that there are no negative side effects with consumption of Power Black energy drink if consumed in moderation.


Power Black will be competing for market against brands such as Predator Energy drink by Nigerian Bottling Company, Fearless drink by Rite Foods, Monster Drink from Coca-Cola, Red Bull by Red Bull GmbH, among others.

Energy drinks rise in popularity in Africa

Health is increasingly becoming a top priority for consumers around the world and the situation is not any different in Africa.

The perception of energy drinks as being high in sugar and caffeine, is of particular concern to most health-conscious individuals.

Energy drinks in Africa have transitioned from an aspirational product sold exclusively in retail outlets and service stations to finding everyday relevance.

In the busiest bus termini across the region – from Zambia, Tanzania, Nigeria or Ghana – energy drinks are finding their place alongside other snacks such as biscuits, soft drinks, nuts, and confectionaries.


The growing popularity among consumers is enough proof to the market potential of energy drinks in the region.

Mordor Intelligence report indicates a projected value growth of the energy drink market of 10.9% CAGR and volume growth of 10.2% CAGR between 2020 and 2024 in Africa.

With new innovations, the category could have even greater gains. Considering the entire region, the research firm projects the energy drinks market in the continent to register a CAGR of 3.9%, during the forecast period of 2020 – 2025.

The growth is expected to continue, as Africa’s middle class – the largest consumers of energy drinks, currently estimated to be 313 million is projected to rise to almost 1.1 billion by 2060, according to the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Urban areas, where most energy drinks are sold, are also expected to contain twice the current population in the next 25 years, according to the AfDB, presenting further opportunities for growth in the energy drinks segment.

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