Food Business Africa TV is the platform for digital summits, webinars, talks and other digital events that are focused on discovering the pulse of the developments, opportunities and challenges in Africa’s agriculture, food manufacturing and retail industry; as well as the changing consumer trends and investments landscape.

Through regular engagements with leading news makers from across Africa and beyond, we look forward to deep discussions full of discovery, learning and networking. 

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Food Business Africa Connect

Food Business Africa Connect is a monthly magazine show that comprises of high level discussions with some of the leading food industry investors, C-Suite managers, private equity/venture capital managers, NGO and Government leaders and other stakeholders. 

The Shows cover the most important happenings, launches, mergers and acquisitions and latest investments around Africa and how they impact the future of the food and agro industry in Africa. 

Sign up for Food Business Africa Connect to hear from the news makers directly – from startups, big corporates and multinationals. We can never tell their story better than they do. 

AFMASS Digital Summits

These are 1 day high level virtual conferences and expos that bring the food industry operators to outline the latest opportunities, challenges and market trends in the food industry in Africa. 

Some of the issues covered by the Digital Summits include investment opportunities, sustainability, nutrition and health, food safety, among other key issues, in specific sectors of the food and agriculture industry in Africa. 

At each AFMASS Digital Summit, you will hear from industry leaders and managers from Africa and beyond, as they share their experiences, skills and deep insights on the future of the food industry in Africa.

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Food Business Africa Webinars

These are 1 hour sponsored learning and knowledge sharing webinars that delve deep into new opportunities, latest technologies and new market insights that can be adopted by the food and agro industry in Africa. 

The sponsors of the webinars define the topical issues that are discussed at the Food Business Africa webinars, in consultation with the editorial team at Food Business Africa magazine and website.

Some of the issues covered at these webinars include new processing, packaging, and formulation technologies; engineering, sustainability, nutrition and health, food safety, among other key issues of interest to the food and agriculture industry stakeholders in Africa.

Does your company or brand have a message you may want to share with the food and agro industry stakeholders in Africa through a webinar?

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