USA – Tyson Fresh Meats, a subsidiary of the global meat and poultry company, Tyson Foods has unveiled plans to invest US$300 million in a new food production plant in Utah State in the United States.

The investment is expected to create 800 jobs, processing beef and pork into steaks, chops, roasts and ground meat for retailers.

According to a statement from the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (UGOED), the facility will create up to 1200 jobs within three years after opening, also adding US$27 million in new state tax revenue over the next 10 years.

The 400,000-SF case-ready plant will be operated by Tyson Fresh Meats, which also operates case-ready plants in Iowa, Tennessee and Texas.

“We’re excited about building a new food plant in Utah and appreciate the state’s support and the exceptional people we’ve met,” said Nate Hodne, senior vice president and general manager of case-ready meats for Tyson Fresh Meats.

“We believe Utah is a great location because of the availability of labour and property and the access to highways and rail.

“Once built, the new facility will help us meet growing demand for case-ready meat in the western US.”

The Utah plant will open in 2021 and Tyson will receive tax benefits from the state for the project under a ten-year agreement in the form of a “post-performance Economic Development Finance tax credit rebate.

“We are pleased that Tyson Foods, a Fortune 100 company, has selected Utah to build its newest facility,” said Val Hale, executive director of GOED.

“This well-known company has a long history and great reputation. It will allow them to have better distribution and access to the western states.”

Last October, Tyson Fresh Meats is said to have secured contracts worth US$700m to supply fresh beef and frozen ground beef to the US Pentagon.

In February, Tyson Foods agreed to acquire operations of Brazilian meat company, BRF in Thailand and Europe for US$340 million.

The deal included four processing facilities in Thailand, one processing facility in the Netherlands and one processing facility in the United Kingdom, previously operated by BRF.