Uganda Breweries Limited makes progress in attaining water efficiency

UGANDA – Uganda Breweries Limited, subsidiary of Diageo through East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has recorded a remarkable water efficiency ratio of 2.4 litters of water per every litter of beer down from 4.9 achieved in 2018.

According to Diageo in a LinkedIn post, the progress made which is among the best in Africa has been spear headed by significant interventions the brewery made to reduce the amount of water used in the production of its drinks.

In addition the company set to action its Water Recovery Plant in November 2019 at the Port Bell brewery.

“This water conservation work compliments our commitments within our ten-year sustainability action plan,” stated Diageo.

The brewery recently launched a new 10-year, 25-action sustainability action plan focusing on three core areas: promoting positive drinking; championing inclusion and diversity; and pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability.

Under the ambitious goal, it aims to ensure that every drink it produces will take 30% less water to make than it does today and will achieve a net positive water impact in its key water stressed basins and communities.

It will also deliver over 150 community water projects equivalent of over four billion litres of water, across the world, including providing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

“This water conservation work compliments our commitments within our ten-year sustainability action plan.”


At the core of its water ambition is the recognition that it must leverage every sinew of influence to persuade global leaders and decision makers to prioritise water globally, nationally and locally.

To this end, the maker of Guinness recently announced a renewed five-year, multi-million-pound partnership with its long-term partner WaterAid.

“Working together over the past decade we’ve delivered WASH projects in our supply chains and surrounding communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia, and we’ve significantly dialled-up our ambition for the next five years,” said Diageo.

The next chapter of the partnership aims to employ climate-resilient and sustainable technologies to reduce water scarcity risk because of climate change, prevent the current and future spread of infectious diseases, safeguard workers in its supply chains and empower female entrepreneurs through community-led water solutions.

Raising its bar on water access, Diageo is proud to have made good progress on in its water ambitions for 2020 – for example 46% improved water efficiency and 100% water replenished.

Other elements of its ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ include working towards a low-carbon future, harnessing 100% renewable energy to achieve net zero carbon emissions across direct operations and working with suppliers to reduce indirect carbon emissions by 50%.

Diageo also aims to support over 150,000 smallholder farmers with farming techniques to regenerate the land and build biodiversity; and

By 2030, the brewer is seeking to ensure that the business is using 100% recycled content in plastic packaging and that 100% of its packaging will be widely recyclable.

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