UGANDA – Uganda’s coffee exports in October 2022 experienced a slight decline of 5.71% in quantity but an increase of 9.82% in value compared to the same month last year.

According to a report by the Uganda Coffee Board, coffee exports during the period under review amounted to 457,244 60-kilo bags worth US$ 67.10 million, comprising of 398,592 bags of Robusta valued at US $53.25 million and 58,652 bags of Arabica valued at US$ 13.85 million.

Robusta exports accounting for 87% of total exports, was down by 6.47% in quantity but increased by 7.51% in value. Meanwhile, Arabica exports slightly decreased by 0.25% in quantity but increased by 19.75% in value.

The decrease in exports was mainly attributed to lower yields registered in the year that were characterized by drought in most regions.

This led to a shorter main harvest season in Central and Eastern regions and also reduced harvests from Greater Masaka and South-Western regions.

Despite the decline in out-put, the green gold continues to fetch favourable prices in the international markets as the average export price stood at US$2.45 per kilo, 9 U.S. cents higher than the US$2.36 per kilo realized in September 2022. It was 35 US cents higher than in October 2021 (US$2.10/kilo).

However, UCDA anticipates improvement in coffee yields with coffee exports projected to be 500,000 bags in November 2022.

Meanwhile, the country’s coffee exports in 12 months (November 2021-October 2022) totalled 5.83 million bags worth US$ 883.24 million compared to 6.55 million bags worth US$ 652.10 million the previous year (November 2020- October 2021). This represents a decrease of 11.02% in quantity but an increase of 35.36 % in value.

During the period under review Ugacof led the pack of the main exporters, commanding a market share of 13.89% compared to 15.91% in September 2022.

It was followed by Louis Dreyfus Company, Ideal Quality Commodities, Kawacom, Olam Uganda, Kyagalanyi Coffee, Touton Uganda, Ibero, Export Trading Company, and Grainpulse.

Italy maintained its leading position as the top destination for Uganda’s coffee with a share of 33.04%.

It was followed by Germany, India, Belgium, and Sudan 5.96%. Worth noting was coffee exported to Mexico as a new and emerging market.

Coffee exports to Africa amounted to 63,899 bags, a market share of 14% compared to 120,295 bags the previous month.

African countries that imported Uganda coffee included Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Cape Verde, Egypt, Tanzania and Kenya.

The total traded amount in the respective countries is accredited to a number of coffee buyers spread across the world.

During the period under review, the top 10 buyers held a market share of 67% of total exports lower than 72% the previous month.

Sucafina led with a market share of 13.35% compared to 13.72% in September 2022. It was followed by Louis Dreyfus, Olam International, Volcafe, Ecom Agro Industrialist, Bernhard Rothfos, Geneve, Hamburg Coffee, Altasheel Import & Export Enterprises, and Icona Café.

The report also gave insight on the World coffee production for 2022/23, forecast to increase by 7.8 million bags to reach 175 million bags, as Brazil’s Arabica crop enters the on year of the biennial production cycle.

Global consumption is expected to increase by 1.81 million bags to 167 million with the largest increase expected in European, U.S.A, Japan and Brazil.

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