Uganda Manufacturers Association to supply 7.3m litres of alcohol for manufacture of sanitizer

UGANDA — The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) plans to use up to 7.3million litres of alcohol in the stores of their members to produce affordable sanitizers in efforts to fight spread of coronavirus.

In turn, government has committed to support their effort to maximum production by exerting waivers on VAT and excise duty.

“I thank the Uganda Manufacturers Association and the spirit manufacturers who agreed to step in and combat the hand sanitizer shortage by using the 7.3 million litres of alcohol in their facilities to make available, affordable and quality sanitizers for the protection of against COVIDー19,” said State Minister of Finance Evelyn Anite.

In this regard, Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) & National Drugs Authority (NDA) have pledged to fast track the registration of quality hand sanitizers and increase surveillance across the country to ensure fake sanitizers are not released onto the market.

Currently, there are only two certified companies to make sanitizers i.e. Saraya and Go hi-tech. As of last week, 48 companies had applied for certification to make the product.

It will take Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) between 4-7 days to certify these companies, said Anite.

Food companies are also taking part in combating the negative effects caused by the outbreak of the virus in the region

Honeywell Flour Mills Plc, a flour-milling company in Nigeria is partnering with the government in feeding 200,000 low-income families during the COVID-19 crisis.

The company stated that, “We fully support the Lagos State Government’s objective of implementing social distancing policies across the state. We also recognise the unfortunate challenge this restriction of movement will place on many Lagosians, who need to leave their homes daily to earn an income to feed their families.”

“In this regard, we will be supporting the Lagos State Government’s goal of feeding 200,000 low-income families by providing customised Honeywell Flour Mills food packs. These packs, containing various food products, will feed one family for one month.”

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