Unilever Ghana launches IdeaTrophy business challenge to engage university students

GHANA – One of the largest producer and retailer of consumer goods in Ghana, Unilever Ghana has launched IdeaTrophy Business Challenge 2018 to provide university students with a creative and challenging experience in the business world.

Launched in Ghana in 2012, the business challenge seeks to improve youth employ-ability as students gain practical experiences of the corporate world.

The challenge is also held in Nigeria, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe and South Africa with a focus to provide opportunity to university students to design a business strategy for the brand in focus, work as a team, brainstorm and learn new skills and mentorship from Unilever managers.

“The Unilever Africa Idea Trophy is to shape tomorrow’s concept of leadership and produce better future leaders,” said Mr Ziobeieton Yeo, the Managing Director, Unilever Ghana.

The 2018 edition holds the tagline bigger, better and very challenging and will provide students with an opportunity to work with Omo, one of Unilever’s premium brand.

Winners of the challenge, tagged Dirt is Good (DiG) will be sponsored by Unilever for a study tour abroad to key international business events to meet and interact with global business leaders.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr Ziobeieton said Unilever was not only concerned about profits, but impacting the lives of people.

“Unilever does not only sell consumer goods and toiletries but builds the capacities of the youth to make them employable on the job market.”

The trophy not only prepares the youth for future leadership roles but also introduce them to business opportunities.

Unilever Africa Idea Trophy was created by Unilever Turkey in 2001 and has spread was created by Unilever Turkey in 2001 and has spread to other Unilever businesses such as the Unilever NAME (North Africa and Middle East), UK, Turkey, Russia, Unilever Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and recently Cote D’Ivoire.

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