ZIMBABWE – United Refineries Limited (URL), innovative producer of brands in personal care, hygiene and value added agro-products categories has diversified its operations into a new range of vegetable juice.

The Bulawayo-based manufacturer is a subsidiary of Grindrod Limited and produces fast moving consumer goods, such as cooking oils, soap, stock feed and salad cream, introduced recently.

The vegetable juice product was set to be available in selected retail outlets including Food Lovers, TM and Bon Marche

According to Busisa Moyo, URL chief executive officer, the vegetable juices are ‘1oo natural’ putting into consideration a growing pool of consumers who are shifting to natural and organic products.

It also offers far much better choice for healthier diets as opposed to most fruit juices that use concentrate in their recipes and are usually loaded with sugar and acids.

They come in five different flavors, which is pure carrot, carrot infused with ginger, carrot with pineapple and pure beetroot juice.

“The ‘Rugani’ process ensures that 90% of nutritional benefits locked up in tough carotene cell is made available, chewing only makes 10 percent, an electronic juicer only makes 50 percent available,” said Busisa Moyo

“The vegetable juice is highly bio-available for bodily and dietary benefits,” he explained.

Since the vegetable juice contains cis beta carotene properties, it possesses cancer prevention qualities, slows down eye defects based on scientific research and highly recommended by doctors, noted Moyo.

He added that the product was a nutraceutical, the beetroot being useful for detoxification.

In 2016, URL successfully completed a pilot project for a US$2 million soya bean contract farming initiative.

It also announced the expansion of its range as a food and grocery products manufacturer, focusing on servicing local, regional as well as international markets.

The company re-introduced its old lines of Image Soap, FreshHealth Joy and Vogue, constrained by lack of raw materials due to the prevailing foreign currency challenges.

In a future outlook, Mr Moyo said that the company looks forward to becoming a fast-moving consumer goods manufacturer and brands by creating nutritious foods, balanced diet, together with a clean environment.