ZAMBIA – Global Industries Limited has invested US$90 million in a soya bean seed crushing plant for the extraction of edible oil and stock feed. About 250 jobs are expected to be created when in full operations.

Company Chief Executive Officer Malolan Sampath said the plant, which is able to crush 800 metric tonnes of the soya bean seed per day, is one of the largest in Africa.

“In order to help the farmers engaged in soya beans farming, we have invested in the soya bean seed crushing plant with an investment outlay of US 90 million.

“We are very happy and proud to let everybody know that this soya bean seed crushing plant is one of the largest on the continent,” Mr Sampath said when Minister of Finance Felix Mutati visited the factory in Ndola on Wednesday.

Mr Sampath said to fulfil President Lungu’s vision of diversifying the Zambian economy to agriculture the company is ready to build on the country’s economic prospects.

“Currently, we have employed about 400 people in the refinery, soap and packaging divisions.

On the new crushing plant when it is fully operational we will employ another 250 people, now, have hired about 100 people working on it.

“It is a completely computerised plant, so we take very good care of the soya bean seed in the factory and we also take good care of the soya meal that we produce,” he said.

Mr Sampath also said the firm has applied high quality technology in the plant to ensure value addition to the soya bean seed and the livestock industry.

And Mr Mutati said to keep the investment afloat, Government will continue to provide support to initiatives similar to that of GIL because of their decision to help the local farmers.

November 18, 2016;