MIDDLE EAST – UK based, high-growth technology company specialising in controlled-environment-agriculture (CEA), Vertical Future has partnered with GreenBridge to accelerate the deployment of vertical farms in the Middle East.

GreenBridge is a seasoned player in Middle East’s agriculture landscape and is known for its technical expertise and constant support for farmers across the region.

The agritech firm with over 30 years experience in middle east agriculture will play a vital role in the rollout of Vertical Future’s systems; supporting it with local relationships, sourcing, logistics, and linguistics.

The partnership will see Vertical Future bring novel technologies, market networks, plant science expertise, marketing knowledge, data, research and development and operational experience to suitable customers.

It also will benefit from the application of Vertical Future’s proprietary hardware and software system – which according to the UK firm, is one of the most advanced and fundamentally different vertical farming system in the world today.

The company says that its advanced agricultural system produces approximately 172% more per m3, whilst reducing energy usage by between 40% and 60% .

These statistics, supported by an experienced team, growing experience, and a credible research and development pipeline put Vertical Future in a position for fast growth in the sector.

Beyond rolling out of the program, the two companies are aligned on their goals to achieve a sustainable future for food and healthier populations, with a focus on producing both economic and social returns across the region.

It is for this reason that GreenBridge has committed to also offer ongoing services including the supply of seed, maintenance services, and on-site support once the vertical farms are in operation.

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