AUSTRALIA – Australian startup Vow, has made its mark as the third company to introduce cultivated meat to the Singapore market, following in the footsteps of UPSIDE FOODS and GOOD Meat.

However, Vow is breaking away from convention by debuting its first product, ‘Quailia,’ under the ‘Forged Parfait’ brand, offering a unique culinary experience centred around Japanese quail.

Unlike its predecessors, Vow has opted for a more unconventional approach by starting with a delicacy rather than a mainstream product like chicken nuggets.

The company’s CEO, George Peppou, assured that launching a distinctive product aligns with their strategy and limited scale, providing an exclusive offering to high-end restaurants.

According to Peppou, Vow’s decision to focus on quail meat is not only strategic but also a testament to their commitment to innovation.

“The company aims to disrupt the market by offering chefs something entirely new and exclusive, setting them apart from competitors,” he noted.

While chicken is a staple and widely consumed meat, it poses significant challenges in terms of cost and scale for cultivated meat startups.”

He added that by starting with quail, Vow can navigate these challenges more effectively while also showcasing the versatility and potential of cultivated meat technology.

Additionally, he emphasized that Vow’s approach to cultivated meat production involves growing and proliferating undifferentiated cells in bioreactors rather than focusing on fully differentiated muscle tissue.

This allows for a faster and more cost-effective production process, enabling the company to bring its products to market swiftly.”

Peppou acknowledged that Vow’s first-generation products may not perfectly replicate conventional animal tissue, but the focus is on delivering unparalleled and distinctive premium novel foods to consumers.

While other companies may prioritize matching the nutritional properties of traditional meat products, he highlighted Vow’s goal is to offer unique culinary experiences that appeal to discerning consumers.

Looking ahead, Vow plans to expand its product lineup and geographic reach, with additional SKUs using Japanese quail cells set to launch later this year.

The company is also eyeing regulatory approval in Australia, aiming to establish a presence in multiple markets by the end of the year.

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