INDIA – The US multinational retailer Walmart Inc. is set to open six more stores in Uttar Pradesh expanding its footprint in the northern part of India as it forms part of its ‘priority growth’ region.

ET Retail reported that the new stores will add to the already existing four outlets it operates in the northern state of India.

“We have four stores at present- two in Agra, and one each in Meerut and Lucknow,” said President and CEO of Walmart Krish Iyer.

“Uttar Pradesh is a very important and priority growth region for us and we are further expanding our business in the state to support kiranas, small farmers and local suppliers to help make them successful.”

Iyer said this while addressing reporters after the launch of its second fulfilment centre in Lucknow that aims at aggressively expanding its wholesale store business in India.

The store works to speed up operations as well as directly deliver grocery and general merchandise to Walmart’s registered members of kiranas, hotels and other businesses through e-commerce and other channels.

According to him, such centres would support ‘kirana shops’ and other small businesses.

“It aims to contribute to local and state economy by creating thousands of job opportunities at the local level, besides giving a boost to the SME sector and the farmers,” he added.
“The Fulfilment Centre will cater to the business needs of under-served small businesses such as kiranas (re-sellers), offices and institutions, and hotels, restaurants and caterers.”

Walmart is also planning to set up its Best Price stores at various locations in Uttar Pradesh, including Kanpur, Moradabad, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Sharanpur, Lucknow and Ghaziabad.

Apart from the 21 best price stores it already has, the US retailer is looking to open 50 more stores in a span of four to five years.