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TOPIC: A Different Look at PET Packaging for Food and Edible Oil

DATE: November 25, 2021

TIME: 14.00 HRS EAT | 13.00 CAT | 12.00 WAT | 11.00 GMT


The food industry in Africa is on a transformational journey – and going digital is one of the most important trends driving the sector forward.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020, we have hosted a number of well-attended webinars in such areas as investments, nutrition and health and impact of the pandemic in the dairy, beverages and milling sectors in Africa – opening for us the opportunity to host premium. well-organised webinars for our audience in Africa and beyond.


Sponsor your own branded webinar – These are 1-2 hour sponsored learning and knowledge sharing webinars hosted by us and sponsored by one company or brand.

The sponsor of these webinars define the topical issues, in consultation with the editorial team at Food Business Africa magazine and website.

Food Business Africa webinar – These are 1-2 hour learning and knowledge sharing webinars hosted by us and sponsored by one or several companies or brands.

We typically have a schedule of webinars and define the topical issues that feature in these webinars, while sponsors make presentations or participate at a Panel during the session. 

Does your company or brand have a message you may want to share with the food and agro industry stakeholders in Africa through a webinar?

Contact us on or +254 725 34 39 32 to help you organise a webinar for you.