NETHERLANDS – Wessanen, the European based company and a leader in organic and natural food products, has expanded its Whole Earth brand to include a new smooth peanut butter spread.

The new smooth peanut butter spread targets a population of consumers who are mindful of their health as it contains low cholesterol levels since it is made using high-oleic peanuts.

It’s also said to be low in sugar, high fibre and the peanuts used to make it contained more monounsaturated fats, which are regarded as good fats.

Consumers who are conscious of the health implications of a high cholesterol diet may choose the new spread as a healthy alternative to the trans fats and refined polyunsaturated fats found in most processed foods.

Use of peanuts in the spread renders it a good source of fibre, protein, vital vitamins and minerals at the same time offering the same good taste preferred by customers.

“We decided to expand our high-oleic offering after seeing how popular the crunchy variant has been with the rising number of consumers mindful of their cholesterol levels and overall health.

Many peanut butter lovers either fall into the crunchy or smooth camp so this new spread opens up the high-oleic variety to an audience of smooth nut butter lovers,” said Kirstie Hawkins, Whole Earth brand controller at Wessanen UK.

“Healthy and tasty, our high-oleic range offers the same amount of good fats – about 70% in total – as olive oils and avocados and combines this with the same great taste, high nutritional value and all-natural ingredients shared by our other spreads.

We’re confident this new deliciously smooth high-oleic peanut butter will be a hit with shoppers.”

Last year, Whole Earth expanded its portfolio for spreads by launching a new almond butter, its first non-peanut butter spread.

The company is combining both expansion strategies and a strong marketing campaign ‘fuel good feel good’ that associates Whole Earth’s butter with good living.

The new range together with crunchy peanut butter spread made from natural ingredients aim to appeal to a new group of shoppers that would want not only to enjoy the tasty spreads but also take care of their health.

According to Telegraph news given in 2018, the market in Britain was experiencing a shift from the use of jam spread to butter spread as part of eliminating sugary meals in their diet.

Whole Foods is in no doubt set to take full advantage of the situation that has seen rise in the sales of butter spread.

The company would ensure success of the peanut butter business through growing its brands that are low in sugar and more organic.